Birth Plan

Birth Plan

With the birth of our first daughter Adalynn, I have been both physically and emotionally scarred. Since the day she was born I have been researching facts and planning my successful VBAC for our next child. For this reason I ask that only positive, VBAC friendly support be administered. To our family this is not just another birth, it is a way of healing.

We would like to have our baby in the comfort of our own home. If a transfer to the hospital is necessary, we request that a home-like atmosphere be maintained (dimmed lights, quiet, music, free to move around).

To increase my chances of a natural vaginal delivery we ask that our wishes during labor and birth be respected. These include:


I understand that my due date is a mere estimation and anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks is still considered safe and normal. I will not be pressured into being ‘overdue’ when I am less than 2 weeks past my due date. If I do go over 42 weeks I will discuss the possibility of induction unless a biophysical indicates everything is fine.
Under NO circumstances will a date be selected for an elective c-section or a discussion to book one.
No vaginal exams unless absolutely necessary or requested
No artificial rupture of membranes
No hep lock (if in hospital)
As long as myself and baby are doing fine I do not want any time constraints put on us
No continuous fetal monitoring (if in hospital)


Myself or Nathan to catch the baby
Delayed cord clamping until cord stops pulsating
Nathan to announce sex of the baby and to cut the cord
No vitamin K shot
No eye ointment
First bath is to be given by us
Natural delivery of placenta

In the case of a needed c-section or emergency c-section

I ask that there is no discussion or small talk unless it is regarding me or my family
I would like the curtain dropped when the baby is taken out so that I can see
Nathan to cut the cord and to announce the sex
Baby goes straight to me for skin to skin. If I am not able to, the baby is to be with Nathan skin to skin
No bath
Under no circumstances will there be any separation of mom and baby or dad and baby
No tests performed unless I consent and am in the room (NO vitamin K or eye ointment!)
Do not throw out our placenta, we would like it bagged to take home
Absolutely no visitors except for our daughter Adalynn during the hospital stay
I will be released 24 hours or less after my c-section

*Everything not listed is not standard practice with our midwife (eg. episiotomy, cord clamping, baby to chest immediately following birth, routine checks…etc.)

Let me know if I have missed anything. We are doing a home water birth.

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  2. babypeapod said: great plan, i am trying to think if there is anything you missed for a natural vaginal birth, sometimes in hospitals they give a shot of pitocin post birth, so you might want tofind out if that is standard by you, and if probs not, eh.
  3. footfirst said: This is beautiful Whitney, it made me cry. I love how much care and thought you’ve put into all situations that can arise. I truly hope you get your HBAC:)
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  5. boogbubandme said: Scuba mask and breathing thingy so Addy can watch under water! Looks good to me though :)
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  8. chocomogchan said: how are you going to prepare the placenta?? I did capsules with mine and added some to a smoothie :)
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