Product Review: Natural Hair Dye

Hair dye is probably one of the most chemical laden beauty products but it is always fun to change up your hair. When we started trying to conceive, I totally didn’t take into account that I needed to recolor my hair blonde every 5 weeks, so when we did get pregnant I couldn’t go back to my salon. Nathan and I both researched extensively to see if there was anything I could do because I felt so self conscious going out in public with 3 inch black roots haha. Turns out there are many safe and natural hair dyes that can be used during pregnancy, you just have to look for them.

Through research we discovered that any natural hair dye made in Europe could legally only contain 6% or less of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine). A very toxic chemical. The normal store brand ones and salon permanent color contain 20% or higher of PPD and have been linked to comas, anaphylaxis, breast and uterine cancer, lupus and asthma. So needless to say the natural dyes are much more safe, especially in pregnancy. I still waited until I was 13 weeks because I wanted to be out of the first trimester but I found a great natural hair dye!
Herbatint was by far the best at home hair dye I have ever used. There was virtually no smell, it didn’t burn or stain my skin, the application process was simple and if you had short hair there was enough for 2 applications. The only downside was that it didn’t come with an applicator brush or squeeze tube, but I just used a paintbrush and a bowl lol. It washed out easily and came with an awesome conditioner. It made my hair extremely soft and manageable. It has been almost 2 months since I did it and it has faded less than a salon color would have. My hair still feels healthy and is growing like crazy. So if you are in the market to dye your hair I definitely recommend Herbatint. They don’t test on animals or use any animal products and the price was the exact same as the other toxic brands. I paid $12.95 for it at our grocery store (it was $18.95 at the natural foods store).

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