We had an awesome ultrasound today! I was measuring almost a week ahead so I know the baby is growing just fine. They went over the results while we were there and they said everything looked normal. Such a relief! The baby kept kicking me so hard and waving but I couldn’t feel anything at all lol. Then the precious little one yawned and rubbed their eye, so beautiful. Addy really enjoyed being there and at one point said there were fish in my tummy. I am definitely overjoyed and relieved that things are on track and the baby is healthy.

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  1. scadsai said: Beautiful scan pictures. I love the little hand one!
  2. rebirthofnewlife said: beautiful!!!
  3. bright--warrior said: Yay!!
  4. boogbubandme said: Where’s the tail? I wanna see the tail!
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