You know what really grinds my gears? When I first had Addy everyone in our parents generation kept saying “you should vacuum while she sleeps so she gets used to the noise”. How disrespectful is that? How would you like it if you were sleeping and I vacuumed beside your head? Would you turn on a blender when your tired grandma was asleep on the couch? No! Stop trying to design your children. If they are going to be a light sleeper there is nothing you can do about it. Treat your children like people because that is what they are!

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  4. caitkite said: It’s bullshit anyway. There was once I time I could vacuum while C slept (other rooms!) but then it started to wake her so I stopped. I hate when people are noisy when she sleeps, saying she needs to get used to it. You wouldn’t sleep through it!
  5. barefootandthinking said: Olivia has always been a light sleeper. She needs quiet and white noise. It’s a big deal to all the people who actually don’t have to deal with it ever. T and I are fine. No need to design, you’re totally right there.
  6. wordsunderthewords said: Sooooo true! My daughter could sleep through anything when she was younger (I didn’t do it on purpose) and now she sleeps through her brother’s screaming, but not me flushing the toilet -__-
  7. whodatbaby said: Pepper talked nonstop when I was pregnant with Nolan. Nolan has no problem blocking out Pepper when he is sleeping.
  8. cheeseheadmom said: My mother suggested this, along with the whole, “I’d vacuum under your crib during your naps and you never made a peep!” >.>
  9. dearestpj said: Some babies love the sound of the vaccum & it puts them to sleep. That was the case with Brennan.
  10. piggyvonninja said: The twins are super light sleepers now and they used to be able to sleep with the TV. I don’t know why anyone would want to vacuum while their new born slept. That was when I slept. I miss sleep.
  11. perfectlypurdie said: I firmly believe that having babies sleep in a noisy enviornment from birth gets them accustomed to it though. Caleb has slept in a silent room since birth and tiniest noises wake him up now :/
  12. ilovekatkerr said: I was told to put the tv on really loud and leave him in front of it so he got used to being left and loud noises…
  13. ourlittleseattlefamily said: Yeah, we didn’t vacuum but we did go about our business as usual. We didn’t tiptoe and whisper but we didn’t vacuum! lol Turns out it didn’t matter because now if we breathe too hard Hazel wakes up! So you are sooooo right
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