We had our second therapy appointment yesterday. It went well despite the damn dietitian trying to force vitamins on Hefty. Then she reads off his weight and can’t believe how much he’s gained in just two weeks *solely* on breast milk. So at 9.5 months Harlan weighs 22 lbs 3.5 oz! We have a lot of things to work with him now so this weekend I will start.


Anonymous asked:

You moving back in with your parents better mean more pictures of your dad!!! He is seriously the most adorable guy ever!! That picture of Him and one if your wiener that you posted a while back melted my heart.

Hahahaha omg I love this!! There will definitely be more pictures. He’s so excited that we are moving in. He’s planning all this stuff and him and my sister are buying a big pool… he’ll be in there with water wings with the dogs in their life jackets.

littleshadow-honeybear asked:

I don't understand why you are working out for weight loss. You are a healthy looking woman. Toning should be your only concern.. I'm afraid you may be teaching your daughter the wrong lesson here.

I am not sure where this question is coming from… I work out to feel good about myself. I don’t get to leave the house ever so I get an hour a week to work out with other women…I just don’t understand the basis for your question. I don’t workout to impress you or anyone else. That is a wonderful lesson to teach my daughter. It is okay to lose weight if that is what I want to do because I am choosing that for myself. There is no ideal body type or a one size fits all. Let others choose what they feel is best. A bad lesson to teach a child would be to tell them what their body should be like and what they should do with their body; which is what you tried to do to me.

The stories we tell Addy why mommy and daddy are putting all her stuff in boxes is becoming extravagant lol. It is so hard lying to her but we can’t tell her yet because she will tell the dayhome parents and we are not ready to let them know. “Are you reorganizing my books now?” Hahaha ahh I can’t wait to tell her.