Car Seat Question

Between the Britax Frontier and Diono Rainier car seat, which one is best? It is for Addy who is almost 40 lbs and 40” tall. We recently turned her forward facing because she reached the max limit in her Britax Boulevard. We will be keeping her forward facing most likely so the extra 10 lb rear facing aspect doesn’t weigh in that much. They are both very pricey, so which one is best or most preferred?

In Montana on the long drive home. So thankful the kids were amazing on the car ride! It was about 19 hours and we broke it up into 3 days. My mom drove back with us which was great because Harlan needed his hand on me at all times lol.

I feel like I have been so absent from here!! We have been so busy organizing everything and unpacking from Vegas. I am going to take pictures of everything once it is set up. I plan to start our school year this week as Addy is very excited. I am also thinking of starting up another blog (of course keeping this one) that will follow our homeschooling life. The kids have been great. Harlan is cutting 8 teeth at once giving him a total of 16. He has started really talking and picks up on words quickly. I am also planning Addy’s 4th birthday. It is a Frozen theme. I finally am getting my engagement ring resized and can’t wait to actually wear it! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!