Halloween Spirit!


Today we kept it fairly simple because I wanted to really focus on math. She used the lick-and-stick dots to color in the pumpkin orange and “puh” purple. It was an easy task but it worked well to work on hand-eye coordination.

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As Halloween is our family’s favorite holiday, we jump at any chance we can to get into the spirit. Today we decorated some mini pumpkins and made some scary ones out…

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Halloween is seriously my favorite time of year! I love dressing up and decorating and finding costumes for the kids.This year though I am feeling a little sad knowing that with Harlan’s SPD, dressing up may be too hard on him. I bought him 2 different costumes, one for indoors and one for actual trick or treating and he had a huge meltdown the first time I tried both of them on. He is very particular about his neck…coats are usually a no go with him. Some days are better than others but it hurts my heart thinking of him looking at pictures when he is older and he doesn’t have a costume on… :’( I guess I will see how he is feeling on the days we are dressing up.

Also, I hope I am just being paranoid but I feel like people stare at us when Harlan isn’t wearing proper attire for the weather. I am not one to care what others think because I am comfortable in my parenting but it is the thought of someone actually saying something like “shouldn’t he be wearing pants/a jacket?” and then me breaking down having to explain that he literally cannot stand clothing at the moment.

This is him today. He would not wear any pants or babylegs and I just cannot force him because 1) I am not physically strong enough and 2) he, no matter how young, is in charge of his own body. When I try to get him dressed a lot of the time, I get kicked, bit, smacked with his head or pinched all while he is screaming like crazy. He LOVES shoes though because he can’t stand anything wet or with texture on his feet.

Pumpkin Free Play

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The other day while browsing through Pinterest, I saw that another homeschooling mom wrapped up some mini pumpkins in foil and gave them to her toddlers to play with. I wish I remembered who I saw it from but I had just quickly glanced at it before warping the idea to fit in with Montessori. We began with her excitedly taking down the tray and setting up all her wrapped pumpkins. I asked her…

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I could not have asked for a better partner or father to my children. Now that he is in school full-time and working multiple jobs during the week and all weekend, we see less and less of him. He always makes sure to check in on us throughout the day though and to let me unwind for a bit when he gets home.


Anonymous asked:

Do you follow q certain Montessori curriculum or just go off of what your daughter is interested in? Its something Im interested in starting with my 2 year old.

I loosely follow the typical Montessori curriculum but I like doing themed things. For instance fall, Halloween, winter, etc. That is usually what I make our projects and sensory boxes from. JustMontessori has a great outline as well. I also love following Addy’s lead because then she stays focused much longer. Good luck with your 2 year old, they will love it!!

This little munchkin was having too much fun in the leaves to take his picture with me. Harlan has already grown into a wonderful little man. He is so protective over Addy and I and the way he needs to hug and kiss every animal he sees, melts me. There is rarely a moment where Harlan isn’t attached at my hip (or boob lately) but these are days I will never take for granted.