Canadian friends, who do I go to to get a Zoloft prescription? My family doctor? I would love to see a psychologist but it is so expensive and our healthcare covers only $600 a year…

Sorry I should add I most likely have PPD on top of normal depression and previously diagnosed with GAD OCD PTSD

I am so excited to be a stay at home mom instead of a work at home mom. I keep thinking of all the things I will get to do with the kids and all the places we can go. Other stay at home moms, what do you all do during the day? What is your favorite thing about being home all day spending time with your kids? I am hoping to meet some other parents in play groups and I have a few friends on mat leave. I want to take the kids to the park and swimming and spend our time outdoors!

What are everyone’s plans for Easter? Nathan and I are going to do an Easter egg hunt for the kids like we always do except this year I was thinking of putting money in their eggs, along with a little bit of candy. I thought if I got her some dollar bills she could buy something when we go on vacation since she loves using her own money. I also got them some cute clothes including a pair of matching yellow tights that I cannot wait to see them in! Anyone have any traditions they do or are starting?