Ugh I am a little annoyed. Nathan’s grandpa is leaving him a car in his will. Some super old car that cannot be used, at all. As soon as I found this out I KNEW it was going to cost us money somehow. And now that I am not working we have next to zero disposable income. Well I guess he signed some papers for it today (which is sort of annoying in itself because maybe the reason his family doesn’t think I exist is because he doesn’t consult his soon to be wife about anything…) and he is going to have to pay insurance on it (a car he can’t use) and then pay somewhere to store it. I don’t know where he thinks this money is going to come from to keep a car that benefits no one. I love the man to death but he is horrible with money! It bothers me that he doesn’t put his family first with regards to stuff like this. And even though we will definitely be discussing this because we will NOT spend a dime keeping this thing, it is an awkward situation because his grandpa is not well and he is giving it in his will. He says it is worth $20,000 but honestly he won’t get close to that for it. And that is if someone somewhere would even want it. Ughhhh he just doesn’t think sometimes!!